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How Cyberman365 IDNotify Works

Act quickly and reduce damage with our real-time identity alerts.
Should the worst happen, we will help you recover your identity with our knowable team of experts.

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Set Up Monitoring

Trust IDNotify to help protect you from identity theft. We provide continuous monitoring of your personal data, including financial and social.
We also scan the dark web (known for selling stolen personal information) for your personal data.



Instant Alerts

Receive alerts to your email if an identity thief uses your personal data to open a new account or verify your identity.
IDNotify’s 24/7 monitoring and alert service puts you back in control of your data and allows you to act before its too late, minimizing the potential damage a fraudster could cause.

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Restoration Support & Insurance

If you experience ID theft, a U.S. based Fraud Resolution Agent will deliver step by step support to investigate and restore your identity.
You are also covered up to $1 million1 for certain eligible expenses associated with ID theft, including lost wages, legal fees, and electronic fund transfers.

How ID Theft Can Happen


Malware & Viruses

Criminals use tactics to infiltrate your devices and may steal information and hold your device and files for ransom until you pay a fee.

data breach

Data Breaches

Unfortunately companies often fall victim to data breaches where customers’ personal information is exposed. This means criminals can get hold of your data.

mail theft

Mail Theft

If you have an unlocked mailbox, identity thieves can easily steal your mail containing your personal information.This also applies to your garbage so make sure you shred any personal data.


Change of Address

With just a name and address someone can divert your mail. They can then collect additional information about you such as credit card information or your Social Security Number.


Wallet Theft

If someone gets hold of your wallet, think about how much information they would have on you, SSN, name, age, bank accounts, health insurance details and more.

social media

Oversharing on Social Media

Always be aware of what you are sharing, if strangers can predict your movements it’s easy for them to steal your identity or belongings.

How Cyberman365 homesafe works

Reduce your chances of cyber-attacks with HomeSafe watching over your network and devices.
If the worse should happen, rely on us to remediate the situation, restore your device or provide compensation.

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Scan and Monitor

Trust HomeSafe to protect you from cyber-attacks. We provide continuous monitoring of your network and devices.
Our system simulates possible cyber attacks allowing us to uncover vulnerable access points for the connected devices in your home and continue monitoring 24/7.



Increase Your Cyber Resilience

HomeSafe will scan your IoT devices and network to identify how you can make improvements to your home security.
We will then provide step by step instructions for you to follow so you can implement preventative measures to further reduce your chances of a cyber incident.

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Cyber Incident Management & Compensation

In the event of a security incident, a unique artificial intelligence will handle the initial attack phases. For high-level threats an expert human response team will take over the network and stop the attack.
Depending upon the severity of the attack, we will either restore your device, network, data, or pay to replace it completely.

How iot devices can be hacked

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Password Recyling and Weak Credentials

Reusing passwords across multiple devices and services provides criminals easy access for account takeover attacks. No sophistication here. Create long and unique passwords for every device and account used online.


Unaware of Compromised Devices

Most users don’t realise they have been hacked until it’s too late. Slow reactions means the hacker has time to abuse your data and asc even more of your devices on the same network.


Data Protection and Security Challenges

More people are now working and learning remotely than ever before. Sensitive information is passed between personal and business computers and many are sharing devices at home for a variety of purposes. This puts data and devices at a greater risk for compromise.


Malware and Ransomware

Cyber criminals can lock you out of a device holding all of your digital contents hostage. Family pictures, important documents and more become encrypted with threats to release it publicly unless the demand is paid. Cameras and monitors are also at risk giving prying eyes access to intimate parts of your home.


Outdated Hardware and Software

From performance to cybersecurity, not all IoT devices are created equally. Connected devices have exploded in popularity creating “smart” but vulnerable homes all over the world. Not all manufacturers provide needed firmware updates and many users fail to apply software patches placing individuals and homes at risk.

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