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  • 15% commission for the lifetime of the product
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What is Cyberman365?

Welcome to Cyberman365, personal cyber insurance for individuals, families and homes.

Our comprehensive digital monitoring and security protect the identity, credit and personal lives of loved ones. Instant alerts allow users to stop identity theft before it’s too late and our family option ensures your children stay safe too.

Our homes are also exposed to cyber threats which is why our ‘Internet of Things’ protection watches over your connected devices such as your laptops, phones, Wifi and much more. Both services are backed by insurance and support.

Services and Costs


Digital Wellbeing Product

$9.99 Monthly
$24.99 Monthly
2 Adults 10 Children


‘Internet of Things’ Protection

$9.99 Monthly

Both Services

Ultimate Cyber Protection

Individual + Household
$19.98 Monthly
Family + Household
$34.98 Monthly


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