Cyber-attacks are on the rise, 24/7 Pro-active Protection & Response, backed by $25,000 insurance

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Cyberman365 is your cyber safety net for your personal and household needs, backed with comprehensive insurance coverage for your physical devices.

Trust us to prevent cyber attacks on your household devices connected to your Wi-Fi, as well as personal cyber attacks on your cell phones and computers for just $9.99 a month.

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ransomware and malware

Cyber criminals can lock you out of a device holding all of your digital contents hostage.

stolen data

By protecting your devices your personal data is safer and less likely to be used fraudulently.

compromised devices

Most users don’t even realise they have been hacked. Fast reactions stops hackers accessing more devices and data.

weak security

Most connected devices have vulnerabilities. Cyberman365 scans, alerts and improves these flaws.

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Trust Cyberman365 to watch over your Wi-Fi network and connected devices. If the worst should happen, rely on us to fix the situation, restore your device or provide compensation. All backed with our $25,000 insurance coverage.

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cyber protection

We provide cyber insurance and cyber threat monitoring for your home and personal devices connected to your Wi-Fi, all found in the Cyberman365 app. The app will highlight weaknesses in your network and help you restore your security.


We provide continuous monitoring of your network and devices and alert you when your devices need security updates. Learn if your personal data has been exposed via your Cyberman365 personal and household devices app.


Receive instant help and support with our live chat or get in touch with our support agents who can help with any cyber queries. Our professional cyber team is here to assist you in case of a cyber attack or threat. If your device is damaged, rely on us to repair or replace.

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We're offering a free 30-day trial of Cyberman365 so you can discover how we can protect your entire network and family. After the trial ends Cyberman365 will cost $9.99 a month.

All household devices covered

All devices on your network within your home will be protected by our monitoring system and in the event they're damaged due to a cyber-attack, they'll be replaced.

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We're sure you'll love the full network protection and 24/7 support you'll receive, but on the off chance you don't, you can cancel at anytime.


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Once your 30 day free trial is over unless you cancel you will be charged at a monthly rate of $9.99.

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